How can we adapt to our changing ocean? The NOAA Ocean Acidification Program (OAP) is working to build knowledge about how to adapt to the consequences of ocean acidification (OA) and conserve marine ecosystems as acidification occurs. One of the first steps in developing adaptation strategies is to learn how sensitive organisms and communities are to ocean acidification; with that knowledge predictions about the future can be made.  These sensitivities to ocean acidification can then be incorporated into management plans and new technologies can be created to help monitor and protect sensitive organisms and ecosystems in the future.   Adaptation approaches fostered by the OAP include:


Using models and research to understand the sensitivity of organisms and ecosystems to ocean acidification to make predictions about the future, allowing communities and industries to prepare


Using these models and predictions as tools to facilitate management strategies that will protect marine resources and communities from future changes

Technology Development

Developing innovative tools to help monitor ocean acidification and mitigate changing ocean chemistry locally