Information for Applicants

This section describes the general process for submission. Specifics on eligibility, definitions, and more detailed instructions are on the following pages as well as within each Federal Funding Opportunity (FFO) notice.

It is strongly suggested that applications be submitted through the website. Submission forms and instructions for electronic submission are at

sample application is available for general guidance purposes only. Applicants must comply with the complete instructions included within each individual FFO notice.

Administrative and Merit Review Overview

Once a full application has been received by NOAA, an initial administrative review is conducted to determine compliance with requirements and completeness of the application. All proposals will be evaluated and scored individually in accordance with the assigned weights of the evaluation criteria listed in teh FFO by independent peer mail review and/or by independent peer panel review. Both Federal and non-Federal experts may be used in this process.

Merit reviews of proposals are used as a means to obtain the best available science and information to support NOAA mandates. OAP adheres to the guidelines for the merit review process (i.e., the peer review process) as established by the Department of Commerce (DOC) Grants and Cooperative Agreements Manual, chapter 8. We follow the conflict of interest policy implemented by the DOC, found within the DOC Grants and Cooperative Agreements Manual, chapter 16.