Applicant Eligibility

For most competitions eligible applicants are institutions of higher education, other non-profits, state, local, Indian Tribal Governments, commercial organizations, US Territories and Federal agencies that possess the statutory authority to accept funding for this type of research. The individual FFOs contain the applicant eligibility for that specific competition. DOC/NOAA supports cultural and gender diversity and encourages women and minority individuals and groups to submit applications to the OAP. In addition, DOC/NOAA is strongly committed to broadening the participation of historically black colleges and universities, Hispanic serving institutions, tribal colleges and universities, and institutions that work in underserved areas. We encourage proposals involving any of the above institutions.

Please note that:

  • OAP will not normally fund any Federal Full Time (FTE) salaries, but will fund travel, equipment, supplies, and contractual personnel costs associated with the proposed work. If an applicant thinks that they are eligible for an exception, they should provide the Program Manager with appropriate documentation and obtain approval prior to submitting a letter of intent.
  • Researchers must be employees of an eligible entity listed above, and proposals must be submitted through that entity. Non-Federal researchers should comply with their institutional requirements for proposal submission.
  • Non-NOAA Federal applicants will be required to submit certifications or documentation showing that they have specific legal authority to accept funds for this type of research.
  • Foreign researchers may apply as subawards through an eligible US entity.
  • Non-Federal researchers affiliated with NOAA-University Cooperative/Joint Institutes should comply with joint institutional requirements; they will be funded through grants either to their institutions or to joint institutes.