NOAA Data Policy

Environmental data and information, collected and/or created under this grant/cooperative agreement will be made visible, accessible and independently understandable to users, free of charge or at minimal cost, in a timely manner (typically no later than two (2) years after the data are collected or created), except where limited by law, regulation, policy or by security requirements.

  1. The Data/Information Sharing Plan (and any subsequent revisions or updates) will be made publicly available at time of award and, thereafter, will be posted with the published data.
  2. Environmental data and information produced under this award and which are made public must be accompanied by the following statement: These environmental data and related items of information have not been formally disseminated by NOAA and do not represent and should not be construed to represent any agency determination, view, or policy.
  3. NOAA may at its own discretion, use information from the Data/Information Sharing Plan to produce a formal metadata record and include that metadata in a catalogue to indicate the pending availability of new data.
  4. Failing to share environmental data and information in accordance with the submitted Data/Information Sharing Plan may lead to disallowed costs and be considered by NOAA when making future award decisions.